Big Baby Boomer or "Chicky Diddy Kins", is the only son of gangster Chub Alubi and Mary Fritfrog, moments before his father murdered Mary in cold blood. He is well known for his humor and three chins. It is said that he is a chain smoker.


Little is known about his youth. He was born on May 1st, 2008 in the quaint town of Blubo. It was mentioned that Boomer refused to drink his formula and wanted to drink melted lard instead. This greated impressed Chub, make him proud.


Boomer attend the Fragsville School for Troubled Children on the September of 2013. He had a record of always getting A's in naughtiness. He would be seen smoking by the back dumpster, however, all students needed to do that in order to get a good grade in the subject of Chain Smoking. He was accused on the September, 2014 for murdering a teacher, but no proof has been found except for some fries.