Stalin Frog, formally Iosif Vissarionovich is the leader of the Soviet Union from 1950 to 1951, kicked out because of his stupid name. He later changed his name to Stalin Frog, or S Frog for short. He died in 1999 December 12 because of a heart attack.

Early LifeEdit

Iosif's early life was relatively unknown, being born from Gustav Kindossial Vissarionovich in the Soviet Union, owner of the Soviet Union's largest bomb factory. Iosif developed a close relationship with Vladmir Lenin, Soviet Dictator, having always playing pranks on him. Lenin soon started raging on young Iosif, and sent fat people to murder him. Iosif and his parents escaped to Turkey. After spending a few years in Turkey, Iosif's parents became severely obese, dying on June 4, 1941. Stalin vowed revenge on Lenin.

Leader of the Soviet UnionEdit

Iosif murdered Lenin, now old and frail on May 4, 1949 by putting poison in his cigar. Lenin died on the next day. Iosif falsely reported that he had been killed by Chinese leader Mao Zedong. Iosif proclaimed himself the leader the next day. People from all over the world booed him because of his name, and soon scared him away by dressing as monsters. During Vissarionovich's term as dictator of the Soviet Union, he proved himself as a poor leader by peeing in front of 10 000 people. He also had a little known assistant known as Monosheep.

Later YearsEdit

After getting kicked out by the Soviets, Iosif decided to change his name to Stalin Frog to avoid embarrassment. Stalin means "stupid person" in Frog Latin, unknownst to Stalin Frog. Old timers still call Stalin Iosif, though. Stalin was commonly seen holding a remote controlled ball at the golf course and hanging out in Putin, a Russian nightclub. Stalin lived his final years in Ulm, Germany, dying of a heart attack due to heavy smoking.


Stalin Frog was a tall, strongly built man with wide, flat shoulders. He is about 1.85 meters tall, and about 190 lbs. His exact height is unknown.


An insulting dance, known as La bamba Stalin stupide was made by a unknown sheep in honor of Stalin, in reality probably mocking him.